Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Return to SAm

 As most of you know, a year ago RuthAnn and I were riding our motorcycles in South America.  We saw a lot, but there is much more to see and this winter we are planning to do just that.
We are leaving on January 19th to fly to Quito, Ecuador, to begin our new adventure.  We bypassed Quito on the bikes so will now explore it in detail by spending over a week there.  From Quito we will fly to the Galapagos Island and spend a week on a large yacht exploring several of the islands and seeing wildlife that abounds there and no where else.

There are three identical yachts that have ten cabins each:  the m/y Eric, the m/y Letty, and the m/y Flamingo.  We will be on one of them for a week as we explore the islands that lie on the equator and are a little over 600 miles west of the South American continent.
After leaving Ecuador, we will spend about ten days in Lima, Peru, and fly to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) to see the big stone heads. The rest of the itinerary will involve spending a week in Mendoza, Argentina, the heart of Argentina's wine country on the east side of the Andes Mountains.  After a bus ride over the  mountains we will hunker down in Santiago, Chile, for about a week before flying to Miami.  A week in Florida visiting friends and family will precede our return to Wisconsin on March 14th.
Come along with us; when the winter gets a little too grim, join us for a glimpse of life south of the equator!

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  1. Good to hear you're on another trip, and from my laptop I can enjoy your locations without spending a penny! Rather be there, but that's not possible, so good luck and safe ladugs.
    Rebe, NZ