Sunday, February 5, 2012

La Mitad del Mundo

Supposedly located on the equator (with modern measurements it is actually a few hundred yards away), this complex makes for a fun outing.  In 1736, the Frenchman Charles-Marie de La Condamine came here to measure the length of a degree of latitude which contributed to the birth of the metric system.  In addition to a yellow line drawn on the pavement to indicate the equator, there is a large monument, museums, a tourist train, a mini-zoo, restaurants and lots of schlock shops.

The monument contains a very good ethnographic museum and a viewing platform high above the ground.  We spent about three hours there enjoying the ambiance of the place and having a very nice, relaxed lunch.

Trash Bin

 Entrance to the Complex

Bust of La Condamine 

View From Monument 

Do I Have a Split Personality? 

 Guess Who?


 Next stop:  Lima.  We are watching the Super Bowl, in English this year, but are missing all of the ads as local ads are aired here during the time outs.  GIANTS WIN!!  YES!!

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